16th June - Cocktails and Crime Stories


True tales of crime and debauchery from Sydney’s peculiar past

Sip cocktails while you come on a journey into the nefarious side of Sydney’s history, hosted by  Sydney historian and storyteller Max Burns-McRuvie.

Colonial Sydney was built off the crimes of convicts committed half a world away. As the city grew throughout the nineteenth century, so did the amount of vice that was generated from within. It lurked in the laneways, it peppered the newspapers and it often ended at the gallows with the hangman’s noose. Some of these crimes were horrific and drenched in blood. Others were crafty and left more mysteries than clues. Many were never solved and countless have been forgotten.

A live storytelling session that sexes up history and matches it with a customised drinks list inspired by true crimes and characters. From bizarre bank robberies to notorious murder stories, this presentation will focus on the sinful side of Sydney within a city radius of Since I Left You Bar on Kent Street.

Tickets are $25, which includes a free cocktail on arrival.

Time: 6pm

Location: 338 Kent St, Sydney (SILY Courtyard)