19th March – Pie In The Sky: Love In Transmission


Poetry Sydney presents an annual poetry program, Vessels of Love over Valentine’s Day Week that explores ideas and forms of love. The contemporary arts collective The Salons are this year’s curators and they present Love in Transmission, the fourth project that allows us an entry point into poetry of impermanence and fragility of taut lines and tensile forces.

The voices and visions of seven poets that are part of the program have an opportunity to present their words in person @SILY in celebrating poetry’s enduring role to overcome love’s distance and disconnection.  Featuring Albert Lin, Gillian Swain, Luke Patterson, and Paris Rosemont.

P A R T I C I P A T I N G  P O E T S

Albert Lin is a spoken-word poet, musician, general jack-of-all-trades, and person with a day job.  He doesn’t take himself very seriously, and thinks the same of his work. His work focuses on love  and wonder and joy, while exploring his life and emotions. Albert has created hour-long theatrical  poetry shows, had his work displayed in art exhibits, and has performed in and out of Sydney in  various contexts, including recently at the Melbourne Fringe Festival. @albertxylin

Gillian Swain is a poet based in the Hunter region on Wonnarua land and grew up on Awabakal  land. Gillian’s poetry appears in various journals and anthologies including the Australian Poetry  Anthology Vol 10 (2023), Burrow (Old Water Rat Publishing, v1,2,3), Live Encounters magazine:  Special Australia-New Zealand edition (May 2021) as well as Poetry for the Planet: An Anthology of  Imagined Futures (2021, Littoria Press), What we Carry: poetry on childbearing (2021, Recent  Works Press) and others. She is involved in running various poetry events including Poetry at the  Pub (Newcastle) and was the Co-Director and Poetry Curator of for the writers festival ‘IF Maitland’  in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Gillian has recently established the popular poetry event Culture Club:  Poets Society. Her debut poetry collection is My Skin its own Sky (Flying Islands Press, 2019)  following her chapbook Sang Up (Picaro Press, 2001). @gillianswainpoet

Luke Patterson is a Gamilaroi poet, educator and musician living on Gadigal lands. His poetry has  appeared in several journals and anthologies including Nangamay, Mana, Durali: First Nations  Australia LGBTQIA+ Poetry. Luke’s research and creative pursuits are grounded in extensive work  with First Nations and other community-based organisations across Australia. @smuttypaperbark

Paris Rosemont, author of ‘Banana Girl’ (WestWords, 2023), is an Asian-Australian poet.  Publications: Verge Literary Journal, FemAsia Magazine, Sky Island Journal (USA). Winner:  Hammond House Origins Poetry Prize (UK), New England Thunderbolt Poetry Prize. Shortlisted:  Proverse International Poetry Prize (Hong Kong), New Writers Poetry Competition (UK). Awarded:  Atelier Artist-in-Residence (Ireland); WestWords/Copyright Agency Fellowship. She is currently  working on her second poetry collection with the working title ‘Chaos rode into my life on a shiny  black Kawasaki’. @msparisrose

The Salons: 

The Salons curate boutique programs of experiences in artist-run galleries, venues and community  spaces in Sydney. The Salons is purpose-driven to reclaim a sense of magic and joy in daily life  through unusual arts experiences. Connecting artists and communities to celebrate art as  inclusion, inspiration, learning, action, empathy, idea, catharsis, escape and possibility.  https://www.thesalons.org/