25th May - Brainlight


Lighting Designer Laura Jade presents her interactive artwork Brainlight. The artwork is an illuminated sculpture that lights up in response to changing brain activity transmitted from a wireless EEG headset. She invites the public to participate by wearing the headset and interacting with the artwork to create a shared experience of emotional connection and playfulness while exploring neuroscience and art.

Laura Jade is an Australian illumination artist and interaction designer whose work fuses the multidisciplinary fields of art, biology, illumination design, neuroscience and BCI (brain-computer interface) technology to explore new ways of perceiving and interacting with our inner biological processes. Laura has a multidisciplinary background, holding a Masters in Illumination Design from the University of Technology Sydney, a degree in Fine Art and further studies in biology, science communication, curation and museum studies.

Discover more about the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQmA5X47ewU

Cost: Tickets are $10, which includes a free drink on arrival.

Time: 6pm

Location: 338 Kent St, Sydney (SILY Courtyard)

Availability: 36 Spots Left